Espresso Meetings Every Black Thursday :)

Just wanted to write this update that we are going to be having a meeting every single Thursday from here on out. This website is Black Thursday after all so make sure that you wear black at our meeting on Thursday.

It only makes sense.

Now as for where we’re going to host the meeting is going to be at espresso den on facebook. This is a really cool shots.if you like what you guys are going to white. So if you really don’t like it then just don’t come. Go check out the photos and then decide.

Attendance is mandatory though so if you like to sign not to come because you don’t like the place that you can expect to be kicked out of class Thursday club. Also if you don’t wear black and a lot of the meeting aunt says attendance is mandatory that means that if you don’t wear black and you can’t attend the meeting then you’re going to be kicked out.

There’s going to be consequences if you do not follow the rules above. It’s really important that all members follow these rules so we can ensure that trust is strong between us all.

Good day everyone!

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